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  Package & Letter Receiving in Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

Have that important package or letter delivered to us!

Many people don't know that there's a great alternative to waiting at home for an important package or letter. The major carriers--UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS deliver during the day. And you're at work all day. Or you're out running errands and just miss them. The other concern is package theft. Especially in our beach communities, unsavory characters have even been known to follow the delivery trucks so they can swipe your package off your doorstep.

Beach Mailbox and Gifts can solve these problems. If you have an important package or letter that you can't miss. call or email to let us know beforehand that you want us to receive your package or letter at our location.

Provide the shipper with our address: 

[Your Name]
C/O Beach Mailbox
864 Grand Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

We also receive packages or letters for newcomers and visitors. If you are "between addresses" or visiting our area and need to receive an important letter, you can have it sent to us and, for a small fee, we will hold it for pickup.

Important! Please call or email us to let us know that you are expecting a package or letter. If we don't recognize your name, we may accidentally return it to the sender!

Our services include:

  • Signing for your package or letter when it is delivered
  • Recording your package in our package management system
  • Notification via phone or email when your package or letter arrives
  • Secure storage of your package or letter until you pick it up—at your convenience!

Please note that there is a fee for each package or letter received.

If you frequently receive packages, consider a Mailbox Rental and receive all of your mail and packages as part of the service. For a lower-cost alternative, continue to get your mail at home, and only have your packages delivered to us signing up for our PackageSafeSM service.

Have a question about our package or letter receiving service?

Call 858.272.8877 today to learn more or to start your package receiving service. If you’d like to send an email message, click the button below.

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