PackageSafeTM Package Receiving in PB

The Online Shopper's New Crush!

Beach Mailbox and Gifts is the only location in the Pacific Beach and Mission Beach area of San Diego that offers secure and convenient package receiving on a one-time, occasional, or subscription basis. We prevent porch pirates from ruining your day. We think you'll LOVE this service! 

So many of us shop online and receive Amazon®, FedEx®, UPS®, and USPS packages several times a week...or even daily. Rather than waiting at home for deliveries, risking packages being stolen, or relying on neighbors when you're out of town, sign up for PackageSafeTM.  Use it for all of your packages, or just some. It's up to you. 

PackageSafeTM Service includes:

  • Signing for your packages when they arrive*
  • Recording packages in our package management system
  • Safe and secure storage of packages until you pick them up
  • Notification by email or text (or both) when you receive a package
  • Pick-up 6 days a week during our regular business hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm weekdays, 10:00am - 2:00pm Saturdays.
    (We are also happy make special arrangements for pickup off-hours, upon request. Fees may apply.)

Options for PackageSafeTM

 One Night Stand   1-time  package (or letter) receiving

  • Per package (or letter) fee of $5.00 small, $7.50 medium, $10.00 large, $15.00 extra large 
  • No sign-up necessary
  • 1 ID required at time of pick up. 
  • Payment by cash or credit card on pickup.  
  • We notify you by email or text when you package arrives.
  • Free storage for 4 business days**

You must NOTIFY US ahead of time for any package you want us to receive 
by calling 858.272.8877, or email:


 Casually Dating   Occasional package receiving, as needed

  • Per package fee of $2.50
  • Sign-up in advance
  • Assigned a unique ID (mailbox number)
  • Bring in 2 forms of valid ID the first visit*
  • Provide a credit card that we keep on file (encrypted)
  • We notify you by email or text when you package arrives
  • Free storage for 4 business days ** 


 Going Steady    Monthly subscription for all your package receiving needs

  • Up to 10 packages per month for $15.00, each package beyond 10 is $2.50 each.  
  • Sign-up in advance
  • Assigned a unique ID (mailbox number)
  • Bring in 2 forms of valid ID the first visit
  • Payable as monthly autopay via credit card, or cash or check (paid in advance)
  • We notify you by email or text when you package arrives
  • Free storage for 4 business days**


* For extra large items, one side must be less than 36"so it fits in our door!  For items valued over $500, please call or email us and provide the tracking number so we can take special care when receiving and securing the package.

** Package Storage Fees (business days exclude Sundays) 
Small - $.50 per day  (4 days free) 
Medium - $1.00 per day (4 days free)
Large - $1.50 per day (4 days free)
Extra Large - must be picked up within 2 business days. After 2 days, $2.50 per package per day. 

Long-term package storage (off-site) is available on a monthly basis. (Small - $5.00/mo, Med - $7.50/mo, Large $10.00/mo, Extra Large $25.00 mo). Requires upfront payment for expected duration, refunded if picked up sooner. Partial month fees are rounded up or down based on the pick-up date. Packages left without storage fee payment for more than 2 weeks will be returned to sender.  

How to get started with PackageSafeTM

Click SIGN UP and provide your name, email, and phone number. We will send you a confirmation email with your unique ID and instructions on how to use our address for your packages. 

The first time you pick up, please bring 2 forms of valid ID (e.g. driver's license, picture ID card, passport, auto or voter registration, auto insurance card, lease, utility bill) and plan to spend a few extra minutes while we set up payment. After that, picking up packages is a breeze—just a quick in and out.  

Feel free to stop by any  time to see our store and meet our staff. Beach Mailbox is located at 864 Grand Avenue in PB (across from Ralphs, just east of IHOP). 


Have a question about PackageSafeTM service?

To find out more about this service, call 858.272.8877 or click the button below to send us a message.

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