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Mailing and Shipping in Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

For the best value, try "comparison shipping"

Beach Mailabox 10% off for new customers in Janauary 2018You've heard of "comparison shopping"?  Here  at Beach Mailbox and Gifts you can do "comparison shipping"! When you go to the UPS Store, FedEx Office, or the U.S. Post Office, you get only their prices and their delivery options.

When you ship with us, you get several options based on your timeframe, delivery guarantees, and cost preferences.

  • Guaranteed overnight delivery — by 8am, 10am, noon, 3pm or end of day, depending on the carrier
  • 2 - 3-day delivery — when it doesn't have to be there tomorrow, but you need guaranteed delivery within a few days.
  • Signature options — for legal documents or high-value items to prove the package was received by the right person.
  • Shipping Insurance  — for valuable and/or fragile items. We use a third-party insurer, which saves you money!

Not only will you save time with our quick in-and-out service, but we also pride ourselves in making sure you get the best value for your shipping dollar by helping you custom pack and ship your items in the most secure and efficient manner for your needs.

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