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USPS Shipping in San Diego, CA

Standard, Priority, Express & International Shipping

Have you been to the post office lately? It's a rare occasion to find no lines and no waiting. Some people ask us: "Are your prices the same as the post office?" And we answer "No...we're about 20 minutes cheaper and 100% easier!"

It's true that we charge a litte more than the post office. What you get in return is your valuable time back and a positive experience. At Beach Mailbox and Gifts we guarantee fast, efficient service with USPS shipping prices that are still lower than other carriers.

Beach Mailbox and Gifts is an official USPS Approved Shipper , which means we provide all of the most popular postal products and services that you would get at the post office—all in a quick visit, with a smile...and a free cookie!

Domestic and International Shipping

  • First Class Package Service®       
  • Priority Mail® Flat-rate Envelopes
  • Media Mail™ (for books and CDs)
  • Priority Mail® Flat-rate Boxes
  • USPS Tracking
  • Signature Confirmation

  • Priority Mail International®
  • Priority Mail Express® (Delivery
  • Priority Mail®
  • Guaranteed)

We optimize packing for the best value

At the post office, you must have items pre-packed and ready to go. At Beach Mailbox and Gifts we are experienced packers and our focus is getting you the best value for your shipping dollar. USPS shipping rates based on the weight, size, and destintion of the package. Oftentimes a small heavy item going to the East coast can fit in a flat rate box or padded envelope, while shipping that same item in a generic box can double your shipping costs. That's where we are here to help.

Come by with your item and we will help you choose the right shipping option, whether with the USPS or one of our other carriers.

Need more reasons to "skip the trip" to the post office? We offer custom packing and we sell postage stamps in singles and books. 

Have a question about USPS mailing and shipping?

Call 858.272.8877 to ask specific questions about our USPS mailing and shipping. Not in a hurry? Click on the button below to send us a message.

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