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Office Supplies in San Diego, CA

Skip the trip to the office superstore

Sometimes all you need is a pen, a few envelopes, tape, staples, or copy paper. Rather than battle the traffic to go to the local office superstore, just stop by Beach Mailbox and Gifts.  And, while you're at our store you can also buy stamps, make a copies, get a document scanned and pick up a greeting card or fun gift.

Why by 25 envelopes or folders when you only need 3?  We are the only place around that will sell one or just a few—as many as you need.  

Office Essentials in Only the Quantities You Need:

  • Envelopes
  • Pens
  • Staples and Paper Clips
  • Print and Copy paper
  • Notebooks
  • and more!
  • File Folders
  • Tape

We also provide full-service document printing, copying, and scanning. For details, see Print & Copy and Scan & FAX.  We also stock an assortment of high quality Cell Phone Accessories at reasonable prices.

Our regular customers consider us their “one-stop-business-shop” in San Diego, CA because we provide so many things that help make their lives easier.

Have a question about what office supplies we stock?

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